€30M DarwinIA Challenge

Attract Investor Capital €30M DarwinIA Challenge Up to € 5 million notional capital allocated to the best traders each month.
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Attract Investor Capital

€30M DarwinIA Challenge

Up to € 5 million notional capital allocated to the best traders each month.

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  • € 5 M  each month
  • months’ duration
  • 80  DARWINs each month
  • 20%  Performance Fees

What is DarwinIA?

DarwinIA is a monthly trading challenge which distributes a maximum of €5,000,000 of notional capital among the best 80 DARWINs of the month.

Allocations remain invested in the DARWIN for a period of 6 months from the date of allocation. At the end of the period, Traders receive 20% of profits generated from the national allocation as performance fees.

Performance fees are paid out quarterly on a High-Water Mark basis. Allocations are cumulative, the same trader can receive prizes in different months.


Why DarwinIA?

We created DarwinIA with the aim to incentivize responsible trading among our traders. As opposed to other trading contests, in DarwinIA prizes are meant to to be given to traders able to deliver consistent returns on the medium term.

D-Score being the most important factor for determining winners, the influence of luck is reduced, enabling allocations to strategies with solid fundamentals for generating returns in the medium term.


Prize format

The first 80 DARWINs in each month’s final ranking receive a capital allocation which is a multiple of the equity in their trading account, with a maximum for each leaderboard position.

For example, the DARWIN in the first position receives an allocation 30 times the equity on the underlying trading account with a maximum of € 300,000; the DARWIN in the second position receives an allocation 29 times the equity with a maximum of € 250,000 and so on.

Classification Criteria

The final ranking depends on three factors:

  1. D-Score

    Global rating calculated by our algorithms based on the DARWIN’s last 9-18 months.

  2. Return

    Takes into account return obtained by the DARWIN during the month of the competition.

  3. Regularity

    Compares the DARWINs monthly activity with the average from the previous three months.

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